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Project Description

Allows displaying tweet messages belonging to the user whose profile is being viewed in Active Social user profile.


  • display tweet profile,
  • display tweet messages,
  • ability to set number of tweet messages to display,
  • ability to work with Active Social module, in one of his user profile tab,

How to integrate with Active Social profile

  • user schould have filled profile field "Twitter",
  • just install like any other DNN module and put him on page,
  • obtain ModuleID and TabID newly putted module. To do that login as admin and click Settings tab. Now site url will include params like ModuleID and TabID,
  • add new tab in Active Social user profile page, to do that edit file profileviewtabs.config located in DesktopModules\ActiveSocial\config folder, add this xml code in tabs section:
<tab controlKey="tweet" text="Tweets" isPostBack="true" hidden="false" permissions="" loadmethod="0">
     <![CDATA[ <active:moduleloader id="ctlAsTweets" TID="yourTabId" MID="yourModuleId" runat="server" />]]>
  • more info about adding tabs on,
  • if all went well profile have new tab named Tweets,
  • module will check whether a profile currently displayed have filed property Twitter, and if yes display twitter profile in newly created tab,
  • copy css rules from module.css file located in Active Social - Twitter Integration module to module.css file located in Active Social,




  • DNN v5.01.0,
  • jQuery enabled,
  • Active Social module installed and configured ,

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